Week 1: No New Things Kickoff

Happy Earth Month! April is my favorite month of the year, not only because it’s my birthday month (#AriesSeason) but because it’s the start of spring and rejuvenation after the long winter months. This year I wanted to do something different for Earth Month, and I want you to join me! I will be sending you a series of weekly “challenges” designed to help you create a greener, cleaner lifestyle to help both yourself and Mother Earth. 

The first challenge will last the whole month, and that is the No New Things challenge (based on Ashlee Piper’s approach). This goes exactly how it sounds. Here are the guidelines, but do what works best for you:

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, books and the like will be purchased second-hand if needed.
  • Use up all of your toiletries, makeup, etc before considering a replacement. Once you get to the point of replacement, see about finding a low waste/ plastic-free/ cruelty-free alternative. 
  • Of course you can buy food, pet supplies, gifts, items to make repairs and other medical/grooming appointments.
  • And if you feel inclined to do so: Offload items, by selling or swapping, that you no longer need. You’ll be clearing your space of clutter and make some extra cash.

Keen to take on the No New Things challenge? Comment below and let me know you’re in! Stay tuned for more, each Monday this month I’ll be sending you a new challenge to take on each week. You can either choose to just stick to the weekly one, or build on to each. By the end of the month you’ll have tried five new, eco-living habits!

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