7 Best (Vegan) Travel-Friendly Shoes

Practical footwear is essential no matter where you’re traveling. I’ve always found aimless exploration through the streets of a new destination is the best way to find hidden gems, meet locals and find the perfect cup of coffee - but you can’t do that when your feet hurt! These are my top seven brands for chic, comfortable travel footwear. 

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image of caucasian female feet wearing black pointed-toe ballet flats


These are the perfect flat for any occasion. They’re sleek, machine washable and so, so comfortable. I’ve walked 8+ miles in them in a single day and had no aches, pains or blisters. If you’re into comfort and style, these shoes are for you. ($65 - $165, use the link to get $20 off your first purchase!)




Veja’s selection of vegan sneakers are practical, clean and comfortable for a more casual look. With various color options and a sleek appearance you’ll still be able to show off a bit of your personality with any selection. (€80 - €140)


Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

image of black vegan leather chelsea-style boot

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots, look no farther. With a wide selection of styles and premium, vegan materials, Good Guys footwear will keep you looking chic and keep your feet comfortable too. (€99 - €250)





The comfort of slippers with the look of a classic flat. If you love going for that luxe look but want the ability to walk around painlessly all day, these are the shoes for you. ($85 - $140)



While not entirely vegan, Allbirds has some great, sustainable options and uses materials such as recycled plastic bottles, castor oil and Bio-TPU, Lyocell as well as sugar cane. They offer a variety of styles to suit any travel needs. ($95 - $125)



image of female feet, one is in an open-toed high heel shoe and the other is in an open-toed flat shoe, showing how the heels convert into flats
Pashion Footwear


Talk about a perfect shoe for the carry-on-only traveler! These transitional shoes go from heel to flat with a quick twist. There are vegan options, as well as closed or open toe along with a variety of heel styles to choose from. If you’re a light packer, these are the shoes for you! 

($150 - $185)



These waterproof shoes come in four primary styles from sneakers to slip-ons and will keep your feet comfortable and dry on your adventures. Use the above link for $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more.

Happy shoe shopping, treat yo' self to something nice!