The BIG Move

As you already know, Zabette is (was) Chicago-based, but after taking a lot into consideration I'm moving to Buffalo, NY...and so is everything else!

Some of you may know, I’ve been in a LDR (long distance relationship) since graduating college back in 2015, my boyfriend moved back to Buffalo after graduating and got his career started and we’ve been waiting a while to take this next step - and here we are! (I’ll spare you all the mushy details, but we’ve been together 7+ years so we’re ready to close the gap)


With moving comes a lot of decisions…

What neighborhood do we want to live in? How many bedrooms do we need? What are our must-haves? Upper or lower unit?…the list goes on.


My main personal concerns were about Zabette. I’d have to find a local attorney and accountant, update my LLC location/ taxes, find a new manufacturing partner (as much as I loved working with the one I started with in LA, it just didn’t seem feasible to continue working with them from so far away) and decide what this fresh start would look like.

I’m very happy to say that I’ve found a manufacturing partner here. The Factory Buffalo is a small, local-woman-owned manufacturer just over four miles from my apartment (carbon footprint reduction at its absolute finest)!

Working with The Factory and getting ready to launch pre-sales and produce Collection 001 and I'll even be starting work on Spring/Summer 2021, a made-to-order collection, inspired by the great city of New Orleans. These pieces will be made from entirely natural fibers that are of course versatile and lightweight for the summer months.

I'm ready for this new adventure and am so excited to share the transition with you all! Looking forward to collaborating with those in the art community here and creating something beautiful. 

Want to put Buffalo on your must-visit list when travel is safe again? Check out my travel guide.

Are you an artist or maker located in the Buffalo area? Feel free to contact me